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Key specs — Number of tablets in pack: 30; Other pack sizes available? We were so impressed with the results from these tablets that at first we assumed we were dealing with a high-end brand, with a price tag to match.

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When you check the price, the results are little short of astonishing. The faintest of faint amounts of entrenched, slow-cooked food were left on our dishes, but both cutlery and glasses came out, fit for the grandest of restaurants. Key specs — Number of tablets in pack: 45; Other pack sizes available?

Our dishes were left looking as good as new, even after a quick cycle. Closer inspection did reveal some traces of egg yolk and the odd slight stain, but overall results are very satisfactory. The only thing that does let these tablets down is their tendency to stick together in the packet, and sometimes even leak. Key specs — Number of tablets in pack: 25; Other pack sizes available?

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These high-end tablets are among the most expensive around — so we decided to really put them to the test with an entire load of dishes, cutlery, plates and glasses from a greasy turkey roast dinner. The Quantum Max tablets even passed our egg test, leaving no shred of evidence of hardened and dried yolk on spoons and plates when they had finished in the cycle. Just note that watermarks did start to appear on glasses over a longer period of time — and make sure you get the right name, as Finish makes a range of tablets, some of which are far more mediocre.

These tablets look after your dishwasher well — keeping it in tip-top condition - as well as getting your dishes and cutlery pristine ready to put back in your cupboards or straight out on the table for use. We put them through their paces with Le Creuset style casserole pots that had been slow cooking lamb shanks for hours on end, and they came out like new — no mean feat. And we also put them to the test after a Sunday morning brunch — again, top marks for removing every last spot.

The real disappointment, though, was the film they left on some of the glasses.

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Bottom line verdict, then, is that these are great for dazzling dishes and crystal-clear cutlery, but you might want to use a different brand for when you run your glasses through the dishwasher. Buy it now from Morrisons. Key specs - Number of tablets in pack: 30; Other pack sizes available?

A very decent price for decent dishwasher tablets.

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Plus save more with cashback from your preferred provider. This is a part of the current …. Free shipping in the cart says "Finish Free Shipping" so …. It's not Ozbargain without some dishwasher tablet deals! Pretty decent at 24c a tablet. I've been using these tablets thanks for previous sales Amazon and no issues at all, great clean …. Actually not sure if this is their regular price but cheapest I can find from the regular retailers at the moment.

They were this price last week at Coles and now it is Woolworths' turn.

Best dishwasher tablets: Get your crockery and cutlery sparkling-clean, from £ | Expert Reviews

Highest rated dish-washing tablets by Choice. I've used them myself and they're great, but rarely come on …. Equates to 27c per wash. It's on page 35 of the catalogue starting ….

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Based on previous OzB deals, it seems to rarely be discounted. Nothing like a good old dishwasher tablet bargain!

Let the price per tablet discussion begin! Great tablets by the way no issues ever since started using these ones here. I have absolutely no clue ….